Grace Removals has partnered with CarBon Leasing & Rentals to launch the nation’s first fully electric removals truck. Speaking at the official handover at Grace Headquarters in NSW, CarBon founder and CEO Scott Gillespie said the electric Foton T5 truck was a smart solution for the Australian logistics market and represented an exciting first step in Grace’s transport decarbonisation strategy. “Grace Removals is Australia’s largest provider of household removals and business relocation services and the Foton T5 is a great fit for their urban and intracity service requirements. “We’re pleased to join forces with Grace as they kick off their EV Transition and break new ground for zero emissions vehicles in the asset moving & logistics space,” Mr Gillespie said. Craig Page, Managing Director of the Grace Group of companies said the new EV symbolised the company’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint and leading the way in eco-friendly practices in the removals sector. “We are incredibly proud to be at the forefront of this exciting transition as part of our ongoing journey towards sustainable operations. “It’s more than just a new vehicle; it’s a commitment to our clients and the planet,” Mr Page said. The arrival of the first electric removals truck marks the beginning of Grace’s comprehensive plan to introduce electric trucks and small vans, complemented by high-capacity solar generated charging infrastructure, across all its capital city branch locations throughout Australia within the next two years. Mr Gillespie said the new EV would enhance Grace’s operational efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and ensure seamless, uninterrupted service. “With growing demand for light commercial EV’s from businesses and customers across Australia, we look forward to working with Grace on their fleet electrification journey into the future,” he said. Set for use in the busy Sydney metropolitan area, the Foton T5 EV is perfectly suited to the rigours of stop-start urban deliveries. “We congratulate Grace Removals on taking leadership in the sustainability race through the delivery of their first all-electric Foton T5 EV,” said Bill Gillespie, Foton Mobility Distribution’s General Manager of Light Duty Vehicles. “Companies across the country are quickly coming to the realisation that sustainable solutions are ready to deploy now, and they not only contribute to improving an organisation’s carbon footprint, but they also stack up financially from day one. “With the price of diesel continuing to rise, for companies like Grace who are combining all-electric transport with base solar, it simply makes a lot of sense. “Through Foton, Australia now has access to the worldwide leader in EV trucks, that are tough, dependable, and completely fit for purpose.” The Foton T5 EV comes as standard with a fully loaded range of 180km, with the supported DC fast charging seeing the drive batteries replenished in only 1.5 hours, or 7.2 hours for overnight charging via the onboard 11kW AC system.