Perth-based CarBon Leasing & Rentals has won a $632,000 grant to supply EVs to commercial NSW Fleet as part of a State government EV initiative. They were one of 20 successful bidders that will deliver 1,000 electric vehicles onto NSW roads in 2023. CarBon is the only WA company to receive funding under the $105 million initiative, which is designed to boost NSW EV registrations by more than 10% by supporting fleets to trade in old petrol and diesel cars and purchase new EVs and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. CarBon Chief Executive Officer Scott Gillespie said the company would utilise the funding to supply 70 Tesla Model 3’s and 70 Tesla Model Y’s at discounted subscription rates to rideshare partners such as Uber, DIDI and Ola. “In Australia, the transport sector accounts for around 22% of total emissions, so electrification at scale will play a significant role in helping to mitigate climate change. “NSW is the first state to offer this level of support for EV transition, but going forward many more commercial fleet owners will move to decarbonise their fleets, particularly rideshare companies. “Transitioning to EVs insulates against regulatory dynamics, improves brand equity and importantly, zero- emissions vehicles are projected to reach total cost of ownership parity across multiple use cases in the next decade. “If Australia is going to reach its 2030 emissions targets, commercial and fleet EV transition initiatives will be crucial to achieving those goals,” he said. Mr Gillespie said EV fleets would ultimately benefit consumers as more vehicles will be available to the large second hand market in coming years.