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31 August, 2023

CarBon Leasing & Rentals orders 200 Second-Gen EV LandCruisers

After five years of development, ZERO Automotive has unveiled its Second-Gen EV LandCruiser. The 79 Series-based ZED70 Ti, reportedly features 50 per cent more power, with fast charging...

15 August, 2023

Drive your fleet into the future

With business across Australia facing increasing pressure to decarbonise, 2023 has seen unprecedented growth in the number of commercial fleet operators looking to transition to electric vehicles (EVs) – but how and why are they doing it? According to Scott Gillespie, founder and CEO of EV Transition Specialists, CarBon Leasing & Rentals, Australian companies are […]

4 August, 2023

Record spend on green equipment as businesses build climate resilience

NAB’s business finance for green equipment surged 59% in the last three months* with many businesses taking advantage of government incentives to upgrade equipment while also...

3 August, 2023

Kings Group claims largest privately funded commercial EV fleet in Australia

Leading Australian logistics and transport business Kings Group says it is now operating the country’s largest privately funded commercial EV fleet...

1 August, 2023

Loopit and CarBon team up to target EV leasing market for businesses

Australian next-gen car services companies Loopit and CarBon have announced a joint venture that targets the growing adoption of electric vehicles by businesses across Australia. Loopit, a leading car subscription software developer based out...

30 July, 2023

Big EV leasing deal for Kings

TRANSPORT and logistic companies are embracing zero-emissions vehicles for last-mile deliveries as customer preference and corporate acknowledgement of environmental issues spreads...

17 July, 2023

Demand for an electric Toyota HiLux opens doors for enterprising Aussies

None of Australia’s top-selling utes come with with an electric option from the factory, despite growing demand for battery-powered workhorses from the mining sector in particular. This has prompted the creation...

17 July, 2023

Government incentives helping electrify Australia’s vehicle fleets

On the back of the National Electric Vehicle Strategy, incentives at all levels of government are pushing Australia’s vehicle fleets to electrification, writes Chris Ryan...

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